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Aqua Filtration Services


The AFS Unit is a fluid dialysis system that provides continuous removal of the main causes of most industrial aqueous fluid problems.

Benefits from HCC’s AFS Service:

  • No Oil Build-up
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Minimize Disposal Volumes
  • No Operator Attention
  • Save money on Concentrate Purchases
  • No Odor
  • Improved Product Finish
  • Reduce Smoke and Oil Mist
  • Minimize Spent Fluid Storage
  • Reduce Dermatitis Potential
  • Reduce Tool Wear
  • No Residue

Continuous Operation

  • Stays where it’s needed -at the source!
  • Maintains process quality•
  • No scheduling requirements
  • Extends fluid life and saves you $!

Particle Filtration

  • Achieves ~1 micron filtration
  • Traps suspended particulate
  • Reduces wear on expensive machine tools
  • Improves part finish

Emulsified Oil Removal

  • Patented technology strips tramp oil from fluid
  • Oil layer disappears
  • Reduces bacteria growth
  • Tramp oil removed from bath forever
  • Eliminates odors

A Full Service – Including

  • Removal of spent filtration canister and replacement
  • Overall operations check
  • Transfer of tramp oil
  • Recharging with fluid