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Our state-of-the-art re-refinery in Indianapolis, Indiana commenced operations in late 2011, and is permitted to process 75 million gallons of used oil annually. The high quality Group I and Group II lubricant base oil we produce is distributed to finished lubricant blenders across North America. Our base oils are well suited to formulate a wide variety of automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants as well as diluents for additives and process oil applications. Our HCC150 Group II base oil, when formulated with additives from any of the major additive producers, exceeds the latest industry standards: API SN and ILSAC GF-5 for passenger car motor oils, and API GF-4/SM for heavy duty engine oils.

At Heritage - Crystal Clean, we constantly strive to utilize our innovation, technical and marketing expertise, and strategic capital investments to be one of the leading companies in the USA in the marketing of high quality Group II base oils, as well as related re-refinery by-products such as fuels and asphalt extender. In all of our endeavors, we give the highest priority to understanding and satisfying the unique requirements of each individual customer. Our attention to detail ensures that our customer base receives on-specification, high quality lubricant base oil for blending API Licensed automotive and other industrial finished products.

We also have all the latest testing equipment in our laboratory to ensure we meet or exceed all production specifications.

Storage capacity at our re-refinery exceeds 150,000 bbls. Of this, 48,000 bbls is dedicated for used oil feed and 40,000 bbls is for HCC 150 Group II base oil. Additional storage capacity is for fuel and asphalt extender produced in our re-refining process.

The re-refinery site is operated by 75 full time employees. We have 3 rail car sidings serviced by CSXT which hold 50 rail cars, and additional leased track space to hold over 100 additional rail cars if necessary.

HCC rewrites the re-refining playbook. Check out the following Lubes ā€œNā€ Greases article: CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE!

Group I Base Oil - HCC 80
Group II Base Oil - HCC 150


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