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Heritage-Crystal Clean ("HCC") offers Oil Collection Services, where HCC's fleet of oil tank trucks will collect and remove used oil and oily water for recycling and disposal, respectively.

In January 2012, HCC successfully started operations of its used oil re-refinery. This re-refinery is the second largest in the United States, with a capacity to annually re-refine up to 50 million gallons of used oil and produce up to 30 million gallons of lubricating base oil. Used oil collected by HCC is transported to its state-of-the-art used oil re-refinery in Indianapolis, Indiana. This facility, constructed in 2011, re-refines used motor oil and other lubricants into good-as-new lubricating base oil. Lubricant base oil is the primary ingredient in the formulation of most automotive and industrial lubricants. The re-refining process employed by our Company allows us to renew a valuable and scarce resource and reduce our nation’s dependence on imported oil. Additionally, re-refining is more energy efficient and less polluting than alternatives. By sending your used oil to HCC, you are helping close the recycling loop, conserving resources, and protecting our environment.

Our Oil Collection Service includes:

Safe and environmentally sound removal of your:
 Used oil
 Oily water
 Used antifreeze
Regularly scheduled service visits
A program designed to keep you in operation
Professional Service Representatives trained to keep you in compliance with the proper paperwork and tracking documents
A focus on small and mid-sized generators -- your business is important to us!

In those service areas where Heritage-Crystal Clean provides its Oil Collection Services, you can realize the benefits and convenience of relying on one company to take care of all your environmental needs – we're a One Stop Shop!

For more information regarding this service, you are encouraged to contact your local branch office.

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