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HCC Reuse and Non-Hazardous Programs - The "Better Way" of Waste Disposal

HCC Reuse and Non-Hazardous ProgramsOur hallmark service, Parts Cleaning, is based on the awareness that our customers need to clean dirty parts but don't wish to produce hazardous waste. To address this, we created the HCC Reuse and Non-Hazardous programs:

Reuse Program

We provide top quality, premium solvent on our regular, scheduled visits and remove the used solvent as a product -- not a waste -- to be used as an ingredient in a manufacturing process. This unique approach provides substantial benefits for our customers over the old method of waste disposal:

The HCC Reuse Program reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated, thereby reducing manifesting and other regulatory reporting requirements.
The HCC Reuse Program results in true waste minimization as encouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental groups.

More than 30 state environmental agencies have agreed in writing that the HCC Reuse Program is a correct and environmentally sound method of managing used solvent.

In fact, we're so good at it, that we've boiled it down to 10 easy steps!

Non-Hazardous Program

CRYSTAL CLEAN's Non-Hazardous Program provides our customers with Premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits and removal & management of the used mineral spirits as non-hazardous waste.

Thousands of customers have switched to the HCC Parts Cleaning Service and are enjoying not only the cost savings, but reduced paperwork, a safer workplace and greater concern for the environment.

Why not join them?

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